“Many people choose vintage clothing because they feel that the typical silhouettes and styles from a certain era flatter their figure more than modern ones. Expanding options into the fashions of the past means everyone can find their most flattering look.

Vintage clothing is also often made better. Fabrics from these eras are typically higher quality.  Also, sewing skills were required for ladies to make their clothing since they were not manufactured contrary to what we see today.

Aside from well-constructed clothing that has stood the test of time, vintage clothing is also classic and timeless. While certain decades stand out with styles and patterns such as the 1970’s disco era, a 1950’s Lilli Ann wool peplum skirt suit looks as fashionable and elegant today as it did back then.

Vintage clothing also promotes environmental sustainability by keeping them out of the landfills keeping our earth cleaner.

Here’s to vintage clothing!