Antique Parisian Carriage Coat 1890’s – 1900’s



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A stunning example of winter fashion in Europe from 1889. This carriage coat is from the famous Magasins Du Louvre department store located in Paris. Constructed out of a wool fabric in a rich burnt sienna color. The sleeves are flat at the side, but show a bit of puff at the top. The shaped belt over the gathered plastron/front panel and military collar are all typical style indicators of the period. Beautiful embroidery  along the neck, outside shoulder area and on the belt give a bit of an oriental flair to the garment as there were many talented embroiderers in France at the time.  Fitted waistline and gathered along the back.  Condition is excellent given the age of the piece with some shattering of the interior lining around the neck and on the interior in places.  A very small size, fits the antique bust form shown on. A very collectible piece of history that deserves to be displayed and cared for future generations to enjoy.





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